Thursday, February 19, 2009

CIB Mall Passport Signup and SDO Download/SDO Account Signup

To download SDO go to

To register a SDO account
u must first sign up a CIB Passport
to sign up
go to

Example(if u dont know how to sign up):
User ID:cibpassport
Confirm Password:12345689
Then,go press on the box with the word I Agreed Membership Terms & Conditions
After that,click on next
Here it come
Now type on your second password
but you sign in the website(CIB Passport) with your first password
Second Password:987654321
Confirm Second Password:987654321
Secret Question:Favourite Game?
After that,click next
Here is your CIB Passport confirmation
if you want to change anything
click on back
if u dont want change
then enter the 4 characters code shown in the image below section
then in the box you type in 1234
The section that says what forum introducer and forum username can be blank
if you dont want to put it blank then type it like this
Forum Username:unknown
You can simply write it because it is optional
Then click on Submit

put your mouse pointer on the member tab
u will see game account
click on it
then scroll down and you will find SDO-X
Click on Create New Account
Example(if you dont know how to signup:
Game Account(ID):onlineguys
Nickname(character name in SDO so think properly):onlineguy
Gender(your gender):Male
Confirm Password:123456789
then click on submit

Finally,your SDO account created!

that all :D


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